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A comprehensive eye exam with a refraction (the process by which the doctor determines your prescription) for glasses is $145. If you would like a contact lens prescription, you need a contact lens exam as well. The contact lens exam fees range from $120 to $240 depending on the complexity of the fit and history with contacts. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year.

We accept vision plans for routine eye exams (i.e. glasses and contact lens exams). We accept VSP, EyeMed, Blue View Vision and CignaVision. If you do not see your plan listed, contact your benefit provider to see if we are a participating ROUTINE VISION provider for your plan. Your benefit provider will also be able to tell you if you are eligible for services at our office. Most medical insurance plans offer vision coverage through a vision insurance company, not through the medical plan. Please note we no longer accept FEP Blue Vision, Avesis,  CompBenefits/VCP, Superior or Davis Vision.

Certain exam diagnoses (e.g. inflammation related to contact-lens wear, pink eye, or other medical problems with the eye) are not covered under routine vision insurance. These are considered medical visits and are billed to your medical insurance instead. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana medical insurance.

Please bring your current glasses (even if you primarily wear contact lenses).  And if you are a contact lens wearer, please bring right and left contact lens boxes.

Yes, we can request your records from your previous health care provider or eye doctor if you fill out the form below and bring it to your next appointment:

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By Georgia state law, contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year, and glasses prescriptions are valid for two years.

The contact lens evaluation involves three parts. First, the doctor looks at the cornea (the front surface of the eye) with a microscope to ensure that there is no inflammation related to contact lens wear. Next, he selects a pair of trial contacts based on the patient’s wear schedule, eye health needs, and prior lens preference. Third, the patient inserts the lenses and the doctor looks at two things: the fit of the lens on the eye using the microscope and the patient’s vision with the lenses. Adjustments are made as necessary.

We now have a retinal camera, so the doctor can use this camera to take a photo of the back of the eye without dilation. Most patients can opt for this instead of dilation. There is a $39 charge, which isn’t covered by insurance.

For patients who don’t opt for retinal photos, we usually dilate patients every year. Dilation allows the doctor to have a wider view of the retina, where more serious, sight-threatening conditions can occur (e.g. bleeding related to diabetes, hypertension and other systemic disease).

Once the dilation drops take effect you will notice two things:  first, you will be much more light sensitive, especially when you go outdoors. Please try to bring sunglasses with you to the exam. If not, we’ll be happy to provide you with sunglasses.  Second,  your vision up close will be much blurrier so it will be difficult to read or see text on a cell phone.  Driving and vision at distance should still be normal. The light sensitivity and blurriness with small print usually wear off after 2-3 hours.

They trust us

Elizabeth Krizay
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My first experience with Decatur Eye Care went perfectly! Their office is very chic, comfortable, and welcoming. Their selection of frames were quite stylish, if a bit expensive (although they do have a lovely selection of lower cost options). Dr. Tom answered all of my questions and concerns and helped me make decisions on the type of lenses and contacts that would work with my relatively sensitive eyes. I'll definitely be returning!
Carrie Boyd
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I never leave reviews but I have to say Decatur Eye Care was phenomenal. I go by a nickname “Carrie” and no matter how many times I write that it’s my preferred name, doctors never get it. The whole team at the office called me my preferred name the entire time I was there, which I found to be such a nice change of pace. They were all incredibly nice, especially the doctor, who was very attentive and answered all of my questions. There was no rush to get out the door, he was truly interested in giving me a full understanding. I definitely recommend this place!
Chris Myers
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First eye exam since I was 11years old and I have to say the experience in general was fantastic. Everyone was super polite and very helpful. I ended up having 20/20 vision and didn’t really need anything, but if you do I’d definitely suggest going to them. So informative and nice. I wish other doctor offices took note on how they operate at their facility.
Holly Lanford
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Dr. Tom and his staff are awesome! Everyone is super kind and helpful! There are numerous frames to choose from in varying prices. If you live in Decatur, the office is super convenient with easy parking.
Michael Pelaia
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Always a good experience at Decatur Eye Care. The staff is friendly nd patient. Dr. Tom is always good at explaining things in a calm friendly and easy to digest manner. It feels good to go to the ‘neighborhood’ eye doctor in this after of big business.
Catherine Bass
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Extremely friendly team. Great office. Very thorough exam and explanations by Dr Tom who really took the time to explain and answer questions. I think the entire team was awesome 👌
Erik Harper
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Dr Tom and staff are kind and attentive. They have a comfortable and unique waiting room. They always have time for my questions. I’ve been coming here for years and will continue to do so.
Frank Burdette
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Staff are quite professional and courteous. The office is beautifully appointed with comfortable seating areas spaced well apart. Plenty of frames to try on.
Debbie Dotson
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The staff were friendly and helpful. Everyone was very good at explaining everything they were doing during the exam. They made sure to answer any question I had.
Karli Gilkey
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Super friendly staff and very quick eye exam! I didn’t feel like they tried to talk me into spending money I didn’t need to spend which I appreciate. Highly recommend!
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