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Best. Eye place. Ever.  Before I had totally moved to town, my fiancee made me an appointment with Decatur Eye Care.  I needed a check up and some new contacts.  Because of my schedule, I was unable to make it during the week, and they graciously took me in on a Saturday morning – when they would not otherwise have been open.  Their office is a charming and very comfortable, nicely decorated and inviting.  You couldn’t ask for better customer service.  It may have had to do with the fact that we were the only ones in the office, but there was no hurry, and their professional expertise was exceeded only by their friendliness and convenience.  I can not recommend these folks enough.  (apologies for all of the “they’s and their’s,” but I’m WAY overdue for a checkup and tend to forget names.)

Jason P. Decatur, GA

This is in Decatur’s Oakhurst neighborhood, near the U-Joint.  Renee was out for the week when I went in for an exam, so haven’t met her yet, but Tom and I spent probably 20 minutes just chatting about business (his and mine), what it’s like to work with your spouse, Decatur…. really great guy. Nothing sterile or corporate about the decor, and they had several great frames that I liked.  I am going back this week with a buddy to make a final selection on frames — during the happy hour, which I think he said they do every day.

Christie B. Decatur, GA

Super nice and friendly people own and operate this establishment.  I recommend this place.

Christine T. Atlanta, GA

Imagine: a stress free eye exam experience, a plethera of frames, and a glass of wine.  This combination makes for the best eye care place in town. The husband and wife team at Decatur Eye Care make you feel welcome. With their great customer service, fair prices, and expansive knowledge, you will never go to the mall for crappy glasses again. I bought 3 pairs of fashionable glasses here and they have been great. I always get compliments on them. And….if you want something special they have catalouges galore. You can even get great vintage glasses frames. Seriously…..what are you doing. Leave that trashy Pearl store that takes forever to get to, support your neighborhood and get over here!

Ash. A. Los Angeles, CA

I am someone who is extremely nervous about anyone touching my eyes, so trips to the eye doctor are usually anxiety-ridden.  Dr. Brillante made this experience as painless as possible.  He is kind, smart and makes you feel right at home.  He worked with me so that we could get the most out of my appointment without me having to go through certain procedures that could wait till a visit in the future.  Dr. Brillante’s assistant was also wonderful in helping me find a pair of glasses that suited my face in a complementary way.  She made me feel comfortable and like I was their only patient.  I cannot recommend Decatur Eye Care enough!

Kate S. Atlanta, GA

Seeing is believing…um, okay lame eye doctor reference aside, Decatur Eye Care is hands down one of the best eye doctors I’ve ever been to.

The space is awesome. Much different than your typical stuffy retail spaces. It’s decorated in a warm, hip and inviting fashion and the husband and wife team make you feel welcome, a first priority, and informed throughout the whole experience. I’ve never had an eye doctor that would really take the time to listen to your concerns and explain decisions in so much detail I had no doubt I was receiving quality service.

Outside of that they just are genuine and nice people and you leave knowing you can trust their direction and advice. I highly recommend this place.

Courtney R. Decatur, GA

I love this place. They’re kicked back, relaxed and provide awesome service. They also take the time to make you feel comfortable and explain to you anything and everything you ask about.

Alex C. Atlanta, GA

I was just thinking I needed to get my eyes re-checked at Decatur Eye Care and googled their phone number. The search took me to the Yelp reviews and I received such fabulous service here a couple of years ago that I thought I should add to the praise.
I have had three pairs of glasses from Decatur Eye Care – my primary frames, a pair of Oakleys that I had re-lensed with prescription polarized lenses and another pair of sunglasses (after I lost the Oakleys in a swimming hole in Puerto Rico. Oops).

The office is warm and welcoming and Renee is the most helpful, friendly medical office professional I have encountered.
I also took my middle daughter (who has a flair for the dramatic) to the office after she decided her vision was blurry and she needed glasses. I suspected the underlying reason was that her best friend had just gotten glasses, so I took her to DEC for a check. Dr Tom checked her over, without being condescending or patronizing and gave her a clean bill of ocular health. He can tell when kids are exaggerating in order to get cool glasses, and for this, I thank him.

Mark S. Atlanta, GA